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Hypnotic Screensaver


This screensaver by Astral Visuals is bound to either give you a headache or put you in a different state of mind.  It’s free to view in full-screen on their webpage, but if you want to download it as an actual screensaver there is a fee.  Click the image below to preview the animated hypnotic image.

Hynnotic Screensaver


Psychedelix Screen Saver


Here is a somewhat simple but interesting screensaver from (below is a screenshot).  Click on the image to download the screensaver.

Download screensaver at



This amazing image was created by a mathematical formula  called the Mandelbrot Set.  Theoretically you can zoom in infinitely and continue to see  new shapes, never reaching an “end.”  Check out this cool Java applet that lets you control a zoom function. 

Click on image to view a larger, hi-res version

Fractal Wallpaper Image